Interesting Facts About George Washington

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George Washington by the Numbers

In honor of George Washington's birthday, here are some interesting facts and resources for learning about, teaching and experiencing the life and times of our first president. His birthday is celebrated on Presidents Day, the third Monday of each February.

Facts about George Washington or any historic figure are often too abstract for young students. To help kids better understand history, I've found it useful to make age comparisons.

"When George Washington was your age, his house nearly burned down. When he was your brother's age, he became a surveyor..."

Image is author's picture of wax figure of George Washington at age 19, on display at Mount Vernon.

Fun Facts About George Washington
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Fun Facts About George Washington

George Washington was ...

8years old when his first home in Fredricksburg, Va, burned nearly to the ground.

11years old when his father died and he inherited his father's estate and slaves.

16years old when he became a surveyor, a professional on par with lawyers and doctors at that time. He was home schooled by his older brother and never went to college.

Image based on an picture from WP Clipart.

Washington for Young Readers

George Washington and the General's Dog (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3)
George Washington and the General's Dog (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3)

George Washington didn't just lead the fight in the Armerican Revolution. He bred hound dogs that he treated like members of the family. He gave some of them unusual names: Tarter, True Love, and Sweet Lips. Kids enjoy this unique perspective of our first president.

Mount Vernon
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Mount Vernon

19years old when his brother, Lawrence died, and he inherited Mount Vernon.

21years old when he joined the Virginia militia. His first dangerous military mission was to go to the Ohio River Valley to determine the extent of French occupation of British-claimed territory there. He designed his own uniforms throughout his military service.

26years old when he married Martha Dandridge Custis, a widow who already had two children, Jackie and Patsy. His marriage made him one of the wealthiest men in America and one of the largest landowners in Virginia. By then, he had resigned from the Army to oversee his property, crops and fisheries. He developed skills in espionage and spread false information to deceive the Briitish as the Colonists secretly developed a plan to gain their freedom.

Mount Vernon by Francis Jukes (1745-1812) published in 1800 [published in the US before 1923 and public domain in the US], via Wikimedia Commons.

General George Washington Crosses the Deleware
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General George Washington Crosses the Deleware

43years old when he became commander-in-chief of the revolutionary Continental Army. Despite many mistakes and setbacks in the first year of the war, he inspired his bedraggled troops to cross the Delaware for a surprise attack against the British that turned the tide in favor of the revolution.

49years old when he and the Continental Army defeated the British Army in Yorktown, Virginia, to win our independence.

51years old when he resigned his army commission and returned to Mount Vernon.

Image of Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

George Washington's Signature
George Washington's Signature

57years old when he was elected to be the first President of the United States. He was sworn into office in New York's Federal Hall. The temporary capitol moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the following year.

58years old Congress authorized him to select a site along the Potomac River for the nation's permanent capitol. He oversaw all of the planning for the layout and construction of what would become Washington, D.C.

61years old when he was elected to a second term as President.

65years old when he finished his second term and returned home to Mount Vernon.

67years old when he died. In his will, he made provisions for freeing the more than 100 slaves he owned. He was the only slave-owning president to do so.

Washington's signature on a letter congratulating Congress for ratifying the Articles of Confederation in 1781, stored in the National Archives.

Fun to Know... - George gets regular baths at Mt. Vernon

Fun Facts About George Washington for Kids
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Fun Facts About George Washington for Kids

A Few Last Fun Facts about George Washington

He loved peanut soup.

He left school at 15 to become a surveyor because his mother couldn't afford to send him to college.

He loved to hunt and had hunting dogs named Tarter, True Love and Sweet Lips.

He had one tooth when he was elected president. His false teeth weren't made of wood. They were carved from whale bone, rhinoceros ivory and deer antlers.

He was the only president elected unanimously by the electoral college. No one ran against him for both terms of his presidency.

He was the only president who didn't represent a political party.

Image from Open Clipart Library, extracted from "The Washington State Coloring Book", created by the WA state legislature with taxpayer funds.

Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.

Washington for Middle and High School Students

The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon (Exceptional Social Studies Titles for Intermediate Grades)
The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon (Exceptional Social Studies Titles for Intermediate Grades)

This award-winning book is a cross between CSI and American History. See the accompanying discussion guide, websites, images, and journal assignment at The Many Faces of George Washington website.


Washington for High School Students

Inventing George Washington: America's Founder, in Myth and Memory
Inventing George Washington: America's Founder, in Myth and Memory

An entertaining read that breaks down the myths and legends surrounding our first president. It is not intended to be a comprehensive biography, but it is still a well-researched scholarly work on Washington.


Washington for High School and College Students

Washington: A Life
Washington: A Life

This is a comprehensive biography of George Washington that is not at all stuffy. It will help you develop a new appreciation for how critical Washington was to the freedom and formation of the United States.


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JoshK47 2 years ago

What a wonderful lens dedicated to an admirable man! Blessed by a SquidAngel!

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dwnovacek 2 years ago

I'm so happy to have found this lens. It's a really great presentation of the history of George Washington - beautiful *and* informative! Angel Blessings!

JohnMichael2 profile image

JohnMichael2 2 years ago

Thank you for the chronology with the interesting facts. Great lens

smokeyjoe409 profile image

smokeyjoe409 2 years ago

Who would have thought he loved peanut soup this was a great president.

RobynHanisch LM profile image

RobynHanisch LM 2 years ago

I am in Australia and of course we all know of George Washington but are not taught any history so I found this lens very interesting.

Gabriel360 profile image

Gabriel360 2 years ago

Nice lens!

Kathleen Hiler profile image

Kathleen Hiler 2 years ago from Mountain Home

Very nice lens about our first president..It does seem though that the video accentuates too much about his ambition and ability to lie..even if he did..I will always admire as our 1st president :)

Kathleen Hiler profile image

Kathleen Hiler 2 years ago from Mountain Home

I checked this video info out with my husband and other history sources and the majority do noy agree with this slant of our first president. "skilled in the art of deception" ? not true..George Washington was more timid and indecisive in the beginning..but had to muster himself to go forth with an idea that turned the tide of the war...not pleased with this view of a great some reviews about this slant..interesting

aesta1 profile image

aesta1 23 months ago

Very creative. I had fun with the numbers.

chickie99 22 months ago

never knew that our founder was a surveyor...very interesting!

othellos 17 months ago

Very interesting lens. Clever presentation of the topic which doesn't leave any room to get bored. Some of the things you mention in the report are very new to me though. Enjoyable writing:=)

skefflingecho profile image

skefflingecho 16 months ago from Tobermory Ontario

Did you know George Washington had his cheeks padded with cotton wool for his later portraits to disguise the lack of support for the lips and cheeks and the look of a face with no teeth? I learned that in dental school! Cool lens!

EdTecher profile image

EdTecher 16 months ago from USA Hub Author

@skefflingecho: This is my favorite new fun fact about George. Thanks for sharing it!

esmonaco profile image

esmonaco 10 months ago from Lakewood New York Level 6 Commenter

Very interesting facts a lot of which are new to me. Really nice presentation and I enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing these facts. I learn something new at squidoo every day. :)

MVKilgore profile image

MVKilgore 10 months ago

Fun lens...I learned a few things I didn't know. Good job

TerriCarr profile image

TerriCarr 10 months ago Level 4 Commenter

I heard on the radio that entrance to Mt. Vernon is free today in honor of Presidents' Day. Unfortunately, I can't go today. But I did visit a couple of years ago. Many great exhibits as well as a tour of the house.

Merrci profile image

Merrci 10 months ago from Oregon's Southern Coast Level 7 Commenter

Congrats on LotD--Well deserved! Very interesting to look at his life in years. Loved the way you laid it out too!

SusanDeppner profile image

SusanDeppner 10 months ago from Arkansas USA Level 7 Commenter

I love the way you presented this - perfect for kids of all ages! It's wonderful to be reminded that George Washington really was a well-respected man of great character. Happy President's Day and congratulations on your Lens of the Day honors today!

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delia-delia 10 months ago Level 4 Commenter

Congratulations on LOTD! Entertaining read, nicely done lens...I watched a program about Washington that was not too favorable...I'll just remember him as being our first President.

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Faye Rutledge 10 months ago from Concord VA Level 4 Commenter

Thanks for these educational facts! Congratulations on LotD!

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David3142 10 months ago Level 1 Commenter

Great lens. I love the numbers idea. Thanks for sharing.

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Dressage Husband 10 months ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada Level 5 Commenter

Thanks for great LOTD and lots of interesting information about Washington. Well written and presented!

georgepmoola2 profile image

georgepmoola2 10 months ago Level 1 Commenter

Fascinating stuff. Good lens.

anonymous 10 months ago

Fantastic and creative lens! Congratulations on LOTD too!

Donna Cook profile image

Donna Cook 10 months ago from Denver, Colorado USA Level 5 Commenter

Fun and interesting! Better than history class!

ItayaLightbourne profile image

ItayaLightbourne 10 months ago from Topeka, KS Level 2 Commenter

Fascinating story. I enjoyed the video you provided above. I love learning all about the facts of great people in history.

favored profile image

favored 10 months ago from USA Level 7 Commenter

Fun and interesting information about a beloved president. Congratulations on LotD Heidi.

anonymous 10 months ago

Very smart presentation on George. Congratulations on getting LotD!

aminebombom profile image

aminebombom 10 months ago from Doha, Qatar Level 2 Commenter

Great man, the first country to recognise the USA as free country is Morocco, i salute you, thanks for the great info

bobnolley lm profile image

bobnolley lm 10 months ago

Congrats on the LOTD!

I enjoyed this especially because George and I share birthdays!

KandH profile image

KandH 10 months ago

We have a George Washington House in Barbados, named for your president of course... interesting story there:

TheHonestWebGuru profile image

TheHonestWebGuru 10 months ago

Those are some great facts. Thank you for sharing this lens!!

Roslicv profile image

Roslicv 10 months ago

Haha, I just watched a recorder on TV about him at home. Thanks for sharing.

EdTecher profile image

EdTecher 10 months ago from USA Hub Author

@KandH: That's a great story! I've added it to my list of links above. Thanks for sharing it.

EdTecher profile image

EdTecher 10 months ago from USA Hub Author

@bobnolley lm: Happy Birthday!

appelonia 10 months ago

What a great lens! Thanks!

cgbroome profile image

cgbroome 10 months ago

I love these little interesting facts! Thank you for doing the research!

cleansweeping 10 months ago

Great resources!!!! Thanks!

JoanieMRuppel54 profile image

JoanieMRuppel54 9 months ago from Keller, Texas Level 2 Commenter

Excellent first president! Great lens!

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